Do you accept insurance?
No, Dr. Anderson is not a contracted provider for any insurance, though you can often receive out-of-network benefits.

Can I see Dr. Anderson for medication and someone else for psychotherapy?
Absolutely. He is interested in providing collaborative care with other therapists.

How is it that the EEG test is not more well-known?
It is not clear. Insurance groups, providers caring for veterans, and inpatient chemical dependency programs are all beginning to explore its use. A recently published double blind study of outcomes obtained with EEG-based suggestions versus the Star-D algorithm from the NIMH showed clearly superior results for the EEG-based treatment.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. Checks, credit cards, and cash are accepted.

Does the EEG hurt?
No. It is painless. The electrodes adhere to the scalp using something like toothpaste, but thicker.

How long does the EEG take?
The test itself takes 45 minutes. As the test is most helpful when people are off medications, it may take some time to taper off current medicines. The results are back in two to three business days.

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