pillsIf medication can be helpful to you, the rationale and expected outcomes will be outlined.

All treatment includes consideration of biological, psychological, and social variables.

Therefore, as a medical doctor, Dr. Anderson may order blood tests, consider nutritional elements, or recommend certain proven supplements. Including a family member or significant other in the evaluation can really “round out” the diagnostic picture.  EEG testing  may provide guidance in appropriate cases, for instance, in situations with multiple failed medication trials.

Dr. Anderson has extensive experience using medication in hospital-based settings as well as outpatient settings. He has participated in pharmaceutical research and provided collaborative medication management for patients who are in treatment with other therapists.

A very important element in successful treatment is the collaborative relationship between the patient and the doctor. This facilitates sharing sensitive concerns regarding sexual side effects or unwanted weight gain. Dr. Anderson’s medical and psychological background facilitates this important aspect of treatment.

Objective signs of progress will be established and if a medication is not providing benefit, it will be discontinued and alternatives will be considered which sometimes includes the option of no medication.

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