PsychotherapyDr. Anderson tailors his psychotherapeutic approach to the patient’s individual needs and personal style. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used with anxiety disorders and depressive issues. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an interesting approach that seems to help “unfreeze” traumatic memories and beliefs, so that they can be processed in light of today’s reality. Traditional counseling can help increase emotional awareness and recognition of repetitive patterns in your life.

Dr. Anderson is certified in EMDR, trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, and has had psychoanalytic oriented training. Other modalities include guided imagery, relaxation training, and mindfulness approaches. Working with substance abuse or addictive issues can employ many of these approaches, but the foundation remains achieving and maintaining sobriety as the first goal.

It can be very helpful to have one provider who can provide both psychotherapy and medication management. Dr. Anderson enjoys providing that integrated type of care when needed.

Psychiatrist McLean, VA